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Coresight 2016: no related assets menu anymore

Question asked by JeremyMahon on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by JeremyMahon

I built a very basic display with a trend and some values in CS2016 and the related assets menu would show up on the top bar, and worked great. Then I did some modifications to my template and added a bunch more elements in AF. All of these elements use the same template, which is what should populate the related assets drop down. However, now the drop down is gone completely.


I even created a new display with a trend of a value that all of the elements have (since they share the same template) and that doesn't have the related assets drop down either. What gives?


Really, all I did was add more elements in my AF structure and change some attributes in my template. I didn't remove the template or anything like that.