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Configuration panel shows TAG with quotation marks

Question asked by msanc2 on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by tmcmanus

I'm migrated database elements from one database to another, reason being is that for every attribute with a PI Point I added a child attribute called "TagName" in which the tag resides. Using PI builder I imported all Elements and modified cells using formulas and conditional formatting for many reasons, specially to suit the child attribute and duplicate tags. I did notice that i had to change the cell format to 'General' else the formula wouldn't work, nevertheless I managed and was happy with the data. I copy and special pasted all values into a new worksheet and formatted them to "Text" instead of "General". I published calling out my new template into my new database and everything looked great. I saw TAG values, but I did notice that when I click on an attribute with a PI point, calling out the child attribute "TagName", I see the configuration panel showing the Data Reference with the TAG having quotations. Is this ok? I get the PI TAG value, it just doesn't look right. Should I leave it as is, since it's working? or will I get errors else where and fix it? How? Is it because the child attribute is a string? see attached picture.