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Data Mismatch between PI System Explorer and GetPIArchiveData

Question asked by RaymondChan on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by bshang

Dear all,


I have tried to use the following code for capturing data in 2016.

It returns correct results which matches with the data shown in PI System Explorer.

When I try to access data in 2015, it doesn't match.

May I know the reasons behind?


pads[0] = new PIArcDataRequest();
pads[0].TimeRange = new TimeRange();
pads[0].TimeRange.Start = "13-Nov-15 23:00:00";
pads[0].TimeRange.End = "14-Nov-15 00:00:00";
pads[0].PIArcManner = new PIArcManner();
pads[0].PIArcManner.Boundaries = PIArcMannerBoundaries.Inside;
pads[0].Path = <AF path>;

TimeSeries[] myTimeSeries = myPITimeSeriesclient.GetPIArchiveData(pads);