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    RtTreeView Connection


      I am trying to get the properties for the module on the RtTreeView web part when it is clicked and show them in a custom web part. I implemented the IParametersOutConsumerInterface and I was able to get the properties when the module is clicked. But this is happening at the server side (ConnectionRunAt.Server). I want this to be done from the client side itself. so I set the ConnectionRunAt to client and implemented every other method required for the client side connection. But when I try to connect the webpart my connection is greyed out and I get a message saying there is no webpart that can connect to this.


      My question is, has anybody integrated with the RtTreeView from the client side with a custom web part? If so, how did you do it? I know RtTreeView supports client side connection because I am able to connect this to trend without having to do a server side round trip.


      Any help is appreciated.







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          Writing a SharePoint web part that supports client-side connections can be challenging, and unfortunately there aren’t a lot of good examples available from Microsoft. Here are a couple of links that might help:






          It’s important to note that there’s nothing proprietary about our implementation. The fact that you are trying to consume a client-side connection from our RtTreeView web part is a coincidence – this is strictly an implementation of SharePoint client-side connections, and not specific to OSIsoft.