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AF SDK  asnyc Add AFElements Not SHOWING up in PSE?? not sure why..

Question asked by ChewCheeLim on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by bshang

Hi, I am trying to do async add AF elements with AF SDK. it seems the add changes went through but newly added Elements not showing up in PSE. I also got the GUID keys back from the AFElement added. I have code snippet here. Could someone please help? any coding error ?



Code snippet. (console)




static void Main(string[] args)


Console.WriteLine("Async list of elements creation");


Console.WriteLine("Enter to begin :");




//keys pulled from xml export from PSE with unique keys

Guid parentKey = Guid.Parse("b7de2364-1b6c-11e6-b7cf-00155d43539a"); //Outlets

Guid parentkey2 = Guid.Parse("b7de2361-1b6c-11e6-b7cf-00155d43539a"); //Inlets

List<Task> list = new List<Task>();


for (var i = 6; i < 3; i++)


List<string> listA = new List<string>();


"CC_Outlet0" + i);


var task = Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>


"ADCOneLine_Dev", parentKey, listA);


for (var i = 6; i < 2; i++)


List<string> listB = new List<string>();


"CC_Inlets0" + i);


var task = Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>


"ADCOneLine_Dev", parentkey2, listB);




Console.WriteLine("Elements created !!");


Console.WriteLine("Enter to exit ..");




/// <summary>

/// method to mimic common method call

/// </summary>

public static void AddEMElementsMultipleParents(string afDb, Guid parentKey, List<string> listToAdd)


PISystems piSystemLibs = new PISystems();




PISystem piSystem = piSystemLibs["EMDEVCLDAF01"];


if (piSystem == null)


throw new Exception("Invalid Server");


AFDatabase af = piSystem.Databases[afDb];


AFNamedCollectionList<AFElement> getParents = AFElement.LoadElements(af.PISystem, new Guid[] { parentKey }, null);


AFElement myParent = getParents.ElementAtOrDefault(0);


if (myParent == null) throw new Exception("Incorrect parent key! ");


foreach (string  elementName in listToAdd)