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    PSA License requirements




      First of all thanks for very efficient (and fast) support you provide in this group!


      We are planning to ship trial versions of our product. What should be our strategy in terms of PSA License requirements, if we would need to pull data from PI Server?

      It is obviously might be a problem if a customer didn't purchased PSA License before...




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          Hello Meir,


          Thanks for the good comments - this is always nice to hear!


          For PSA License, simply: you should make sure the end customer provides you the installer for the PSA (PI System Access) product you need.  This means you should not redistribute the Developers Technologies with your software.


          We announced in April 2015 that the  PI Developer Technologies freely available for download.  And this was to make it easier for our PI Community to build applications on top of PI. The License section of this document explains as follow:

          This does not mean that the PI Developer Technologies are license-free. You still need a PI System Access1 (PSA) license to deploy your applications. This is not a new requirement and we are not changing it. You might think of this as a run-time license. Talk to your Account Manager if you have questions about PSA licenses.

          In the case you would like your end customer to try your application and they are not licensed for PSA yet, you should contact the end-customers's account manager and discuss the possibilities with him.  We are here to help!


          Let us know if you have more questions,

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