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    ProcessBook PIXVal.ocx?

      A client has a control for ProcessBook called PIXVal and I notice the Author is OSISoft from 1998!
      It looks like an API based timer type control for retrieving data from a PI tag.


      Is this even supported anymore as there is no mention of it anywhere?

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          PIXVal is an ActiveX control that replicates the functionality of the ProcessBook Value symbol. It was created back when the built-in ProcessBook Value symbol lacked some key features (mostly formatting from what I understand).


          The built-in Value symbol has long been improved to the point that this control is obsolete (I'm not sure which versions of PB would still benefit from this control... but I think it could be versions older then 2.35).


          There are some tools to automate converting display from XVal to standard Value symbols (if editing by hand is too much work). If this sounds like something that would be helpful I can find out more info on the availablity of these conversion tools?

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              Mi Michael,


              OK thanks, clears things up.  I do not see the need for it as they are using ProcessBook 3.0 and 3.1 (also AF & Datasets are used which PIXVal can't do) but wanted to make sure there wasn't any hidden suprises.  Conversion tool will be interesting, I will see how much it is used before I look at conversion tools.