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PI message logs from PI Server and PIPC message logs from Interface nodes

Question asked by gaurav1107 Champion on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by Floris Zwaard

Hi All,


We have a requirement to monitor 8 PI servers across various sites and around 16 interface nodes. We send a daily report to client with all the message logs for last 1 day both from PI servers and interface nodes by manually logging to each of the corresponding server and then copy pasting the logs into an excel sheet.


I want to automate this process of getting the message logs, One option would be using  Powershell tool for getting messages from PI server, but not sure if Powershell tools provides cmdlets for accessing PIPC logs from interfaces as well. Other possible implementation would be through batch scripting, however I am not much proficient in it.


If anyone of you have come across such requirement and implemented such solution, a little guidance would be of much help.


Thanks and Regards,

Gaurav Agrawal