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Digitalstate shows bad quality after move from OPC HDA to OPC DA

Question asked by WouterR on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by WouterR

Hi everyone,


Due to several issues with our OPC HDA interface, we've moved part of our PI tags to an OPC DA interface. All numerical tags are working fine, but the digital tags show some strange behavior.

When the digital tags are '0' they show the correct status ('LOCAL'), but when they're '1', they show 'BAD'.

This happens on four different tags on two separate DA interfaces. To change from the HDA interface to the DA interface, I've changed:

-     Point Source

-     Location 1
-     Location 3

-     Location 4

I've moved the tag back to HDA, and it's working properly again. Am I missing something?


Kind regards,

Wouter Reinhard

Operational Engineer
Sloecentrale BV