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    PI-SDK Error: Yield thread did not stop when signaled


      One of our websites at a customer site employs the PI-SDK and is periodically crashing and/or causing a timeout error across the entire Application Pool. This application has been running for years. The error message below is logged to the Windows Event Viewer when these crashes occur.  Also around the same time, a JIT debugger event is logged. They are running PI-SDK version 1.4.0 Build 416 on Windows 2003 Server. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The customer is a PI Enterprise Agreement holder.



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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Rosanne,


          The first SDK Yield thread error message is expected as a result of the win32 exception. According to some internal documentation:


          “The SDK Yield thread is only responsible for processing health checks received from the PI server and pibufss heartbeats. The thread is usually stopped with other SDK threads when the process associated with the thread shuts down. The reason for the error may be due to an internal synchronization lock being held longer than the timeout for stopping the thread. Asked customer to check if the PI server is responsive and if there are other outstanding error messages, and was told PI server is responsive and there are no other error message. Since everything looks fine, no need to worry too much about this message.”


          We need to find the root cause of the Win32 exception. The related error message is too generic. Do you see any error message on the PI Message log from the PI Data Archive and from the client? What was changed since the problem has started on the web server? Do you know which line is throwing the exception?