Calculating with PI OLEDB

Discussion created by andreas on Jan 27, 2009
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PI OLEDB is often used to retrieve data from the PI system for a 3rd party application. However, sometimes the PI OLEDB provider can be used to solve special requests in PI that are more complicate using other tools. For example I had the task to sum up >500 tags for a customer. In SQL & PI OLEDB this is just one line:

SELECT Sum (Cast (value AS float32)) AS RVAL 
FROM piarchive..pisnapshot
WHERE tag LIKE '%100'

The query was executed in VB from an ACE module. Nice about this particular example is that the tags are based on a tag mask, so this can be extended to any criteria as well as it gets executed at runtime - automatically new tags are used when they are available.


Have you come across similar tasks where one line of SQL saved you from writing heaps of code?


share your experiences!