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pipt_findpoint does not seem to accept tags greater than 13 characters

Question asked by Miles Buckley on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by dlee

I'm trying to create a VBA tool with Excel2010 to modify values in PI; far too many to carry out the task with PI-SDK Archive Editor. However, I am having trouble with acquiring the point_id for a tag using status = pipt_findpoint(tag, point).

The results I get back for status for two different tags are:

Tag:M234567890123   Len:13    status:2   point: 239258

Tag:M2345678901234  Len:14   status:-5  point:-5

The tags are identical apart from their length 13 & 14 characters. I created them myself on our development server in order to test the tool and copied them directly into my workbook (which incidentally CAN determine the pt_id using the function PITagAtt)

Any ideas what the '2' means? I'd expect a status of zero to be returned for both of these tags as they both exist.