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    Putting AF elements on Processbook


      I am unable to place AF elements onto Processbook. Looking at the Webinar Analysis Framework Element Templates and the AF-Plugin to Processbook (from Nov 1006!), they created a few elements and templates in AF Explorer and then opened ProcessBook and dragged them from the AF Browser onto the PB display. When I try to drag my elements or templates I get the 'No Entry' curser. Anyone know why?


      I am using the following versions of things:

      • Processbook
      • AF Client
      • AF Modeler

      --- Alistair.

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          Hi Alistar, Have you assigned a symbol to the element / element template?  Need to do that first then when you drag an element from the browser onto the display it will show the symbol.  Not seen 'No Entry' message before.



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            As per Rhys' suggestion, this is probably just a matter of "assigning" a element to the template.


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