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PI SDK and SQL Query?

Question asked by d.cowan on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by d.cowan

Hi, I'm relatively new to accessing PI.  We currently have a PI Historian that has OLEDB access that needs to be retired.  The new PI Historian does not have the OLEDB module set up and after numerous conversations they will not set it up, so my current interface to PI will not work with the new PI historian.  The current interface uses a SQL Command to pull PI Tag values out of PI.  Is there a way to do that using the PI SDK as that's my only option for connection to the new server.  I've figured out how to pull values for a single tag out for a single datetime, but being able to pass the sql query that I'm passing in my existing interface to the PI SDK would be more beneficial.


Any help you can offer in this area or if there's any documentation with examples that you can point me to would be great!