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PI Coresight 2016 and PI AF 2014 Compatability to share the display?

Question asked by Navaneethakrishnan Champion on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by Navaneethakrishnan

Hi all,


I am facing a problem on sharing the display of PI Coresight 2016 to other users (same domain users).



1. Created a service account for PI coresight and gave all required security permission in PI

2. In my environment I have PI AF 2014 (seperate machine) installed, unfortunately we cannot upgrade that to latest version because of many dependency on other stuffs. So, I have added that coresight account in all categories of security (AF db, elements, etc) with full access.

3. PI Web API 2016 services and PI Coresight application pools are running under the same coresight service account

4. After Installation configured all the data-sources required and they have been crawled (Web API is using OSIsoft self signed certificate) successfully

5.I have created some displays by logging into the coresight with the coresight service account itself



I have added the other domain users in all the local users groups (coresight user, admin and web api admin too). When I am trying to share my display, unlike the earlier versions of coresight, this v2016 is using AF identity as group to provide the access. Since, I have AF 2014 I am unable to create AF Identity. I found that, "everyone" is already there in the security with full access. But with other user login the display is getting opened but the data items are showing "No DATA". Again, for testing purpose I have added that particular user into AF server security and provided the full access to that user, even then I am getting same error.


I need the solution to overcome this problem without upgrading AF (Since, it has many dependency I am unable to upgrade it).


Thanks in advance.



Navaneethakrishnan V.