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Integrate LIMS data in AF

Question asked by eradwan on May 31, 2016
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Hi There,


I have a .Net utility running on top of LIMS/Oracle based system that exposes a tree like GUI for Plant Units / Sample Points where the user expands the tree , selects required components from one or many sample points, hits a button and get the lab results in Excel. Now, I want to migrate this asset structure and code to be based on AF, and after I did my homework searching PI Square I got to know that the best approach is to send LIMS data to PI in tags or using the table lookup feature. Unfortunately, the PI tags based solution isn't an option in my site and I want to consider the table lookup scenario. My worry here as I'm thinking before coding is, in my legacy code I send one SQL query having all selected sample points / components where I hit Oracle only once, but having each LIMS component mapped to an attribute in AF, does this mean if I expose a similar Tree view in a web app on top of AF and with the same use case of a user selecting many components from different sample points, then getting values will hit one SQL query per each attribute / component, which will be slow?  Or there is a way to have a 'bulk' read in one query as we have one the attribute is liked to a PI tag?