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Unable to view the shared display with DATA (PI Coresight 2016)!

Question asked by Navaneethakrishnan Champion on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by bala




1. Created a service account for PI coresight 2016 and gave all required security permission in PI Servers

2. In my environment I have PI AF 2014 (seperate machine) installed, I have given the full permission for that service account

3. PI Web API 2016 services and PI Coresight application pools are running under the same coresight service account

4. After Installation configured all the data-sources required and they have been crawled (Web API is using OSIsoft self signed certificate) successfully

5.I have created some displays by logging into the coresight using coresight service account itself

6. Shared the display to Word.

7. AF Identity is available from AF 2015. So, In AF Server, gave the read permission to everyone



When I am log in with AD User (not coresight service account) in other machines. The shared displays are opening but with NO DATA. Then I tried to open IE with same AD user to log in to coresight in Coresight machine. I surprised that I can view the display with the DATA. Then again went to other machine where I logged in already, just gave refresh it shows the display with DATA.


To confirm this, I have restarted the IIS. Did the above stuffs again. It is not showing the DATA first time. Once I logged in with the same account in coresight machine. Then only I can view the display with DATA in other machine.


Please, let me know the troubleshooting to resolve this issue.



Navaneethakrishnan V