PI ACE Recalculations

Discussion created by JasonWallace on Feb 6, 2009
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by Paurav Joshi

Hello all.


I need to force a number of ACE contexts to recalculate. I can recalculate individual contexts using ACE Manager but only for a limited period (approx < 30days), and only then one at a time. I need to recalculate multiple individual contexts for long periods i.e. >= 1y). By multiple individual contexts I mean maybe one or two contexts from separate modules concurrently. I can not afford the time to recalculate the whole parent module. 


I have used AddManualRecalculation from PIACEModuleDBFunctions in PISDKCommon successfully before. Unfortunately it doesn't allow appear to allow the recalculation of contexts, only modules. I might be wrong here but it just returns False if I pass it the full path to a context.


Does the temptingly named PIACEModuleDBFunctions.EditPIACEContextRecalcInfo help with this? If so does anyone have a snippet of code per chance?


Or should I just poke the values into the ManualRecalculationInfo, StartTime,EndTime and Period properties.