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SQL db to PI and back again

Question asked by RayHoward on Jun 2, 2016
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As a new user of PI, I am unsure as to the process to do what I'm hoping is a simple task.

I have a SQL database that has a staging table with data to be transferred to PI via the RDBMS interface. The SQL db fields are simple:

  • SampleTime
  • SampleDate
  • Batch_No
  • Sample_No
  • Value
  • Transferred

When data is moved to the staging table I want to copy the data to PI, then on success update the Transferred flag in the staging table to indicate that we don't need to copy it again on the next run. The transferred value will not be moved, it's just a flag (Yes or No). No data will ever be deleted from the staging table. The transfer is solely based on the state of the Transferred flag value.


I've been told the transfer to PI should be easy, but the update to SQL not so easy.

Where do I start?


Many thanks,