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Coresight Refreshing time  ?

Question asked by LSIndK on Jun 6, 2016
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I has a display in process book that show several values. Each value has a multistate to change the color if the value exceed certain value. It is working ok in processbook. The problem is when I open the display in Coresight. It looks like the refreshing time is not the same, and you see the values in different color when they dont have to change color. They will show correctly after some time.



Processbook:  it is ok  (Only value less than 118 9  must show red color)


Coresight (at the same time) :  It is not ok. They are the same values, but the multistate is not working properly. After some time, the values show the correct color. This is not ok, because the red color is used to indicate an alarm situation. Visually you would see that there is a problem with all the red values,  but it is not true.




Do you have any idea about this situation in coresight?  Is there something I can do to solve this?


Thank you