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Coresight 2014 - Specify the element for 'Coresight Display' element relative displays

Question asked by MAMEDINA on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by LindseyHatfield

In the Coresight user guide I am seeing the ability to use relative displays as a url parameter when opening a processbook that has been imported into Coresight - example: https://CoresightServ/Coresight/#/PBDisplays/15914?CurrentElement=\\AFServer1\DB1\CrackingProcess\Boiler202


I would like to use this same functionality with a Coresight display, is this possible?  I have tried using the same syntax <url_of_corsight_display>?CurrentElement=<AF_Path_Of_Element> please note - the elements that I alternating between have the same  template format.  However, I am not seeing the display refreshed with the one passed in the URL. Is something like this possible?