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Event Frame created from pulse signal

Question asked by pmackow on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by bbregenzer

Hi all,


I want to create event frames triggered by short pulse signal, as a result of AF Analysis.

Resulting event frames should have start time equal to timestamp of the rising edge and end time equal to rising edge of the next pulse.

It seems to be very basic problem, even trivial in PIBaGen on EFGen.


The pulse is coming from the OPC Interface, so I have repeating values every 10 minutes (excdev=600). The length of the pulse is short, 5-10 seconds and the interval between pulses may be quite long, few days.


The start trigger seems to work in form:

'TriggerTag' = "On" and PrevVal('TriggerTag','*') = "Off"

But what should I define as end trigger? If it's empty, the event frame will be finished after next snapshot arrives, typically after 10 minutes, because the start condition becomes false.


Any idea appreciated