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Get Command Button to execute two Actions in ProcessBook using VBA

Question asked by Mikeconnors on Jun 10, 2016

Hi All,


I'm currently having a bit of trouble with this one. I have created a UserForm in ProcessBook which has a button on it. When that button is clicked the user gets taken to a different display. The issue I'm having is that once the new screen opens, the UserForm is still there. How do I get the button to take me to a new screen AND clear the UserForm?


This is what I have so far. Without the 'Unload Me' it works fine but as soon as i add it in, ProcessBook crashes



Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()


    strCurrentPath = Left(ThisDisplay.Path, (InStrRev(ThisDisplay.Path, "\")))


    strFileNameAndPath = strCurrentPath & "Eastern Ridge Server Deep Dive.PDI"


    Call Application.Displays.Open(strFileNameAndPath, True)


Unload Me


End Sub