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    PI Server Version that works with AFSDK


      I built and application that references the AFSDK and IOSIsoftPINet (both latest). If I package the libraries and deploy the app, would it work with all PI Servers? Or is there a minimum Server version?

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          Hello Holger,


          Please accept my apologies but what does IOSIsoftPINet belong to. I must admit that I've never used it and wouldn't even know what of our Developer Technologies it belongs to nor how to reference it. Can you please elaborate a bit?


          Please note that you are not allowed to redistribute our assemblies. Customers are supposed to use our setup kits e.g. AF Client to install AF SDK.

          There's a section within the AF SDK help, talking about bulk calls. That section states that  PI Data Archive must be 3.4.390 or later but I believe to remember that in case the installed PI Data Archive version doesn't support bulk calls, they would be executed as none bulk.

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