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Are OSI going to continue developments in the OPC AEA interface?  Long term do you still see OPC AEA being around..?


I am curious to learn about using PI as an AEA data store with various scenarios (seperate archives for AEA tags, seperate PI systems for AEA tags....). 


I guess what I want to ask is what is the strategy for OPC AEA from OSI's perspective?  Do you have any nice examples/recommendations for infrastructre & interfaces?


Considerations I have thought of:
- Using seperate PI archives (when functionality is avilable) on an existing PI collective.
- Using seperate PI system solely for OPC AEA so IO of PI collective is not impacted.  Imagine when a plant is upset and there is a spike in IO because of numerous additional alarms.

(Wasn't sure if to post this in here or system administration.)