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    Pi Historian Jump Start


      Hello Everyone,

      This is my first ever question on this forum. My background is Computer Studies and I want to learn and gain expertise in PI Systems, particularly in PI Historian. I don't know from where to start and what to do as I am completely new in this subject.


      What I know about the field is

      We get tags in PLC (Controller) from field. then those tags are mapped in PI Historian and then we do something(calculations and other stuff) to show those tags on screen for visualization.


      Now, I need experts who can guide me and provide me sources in proper order to learn the PI Historian and related things to do the magic. I am determined to do it on my own. Please show me the track.


      I shall be thankful.



      Best Regards,


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          Hi Umer,


          Here is a good overview video (and playlist) of the PI System, and you can find plenty of other videos on our YouTube channel. On the YouTube channel you will find playlists on most of our products.

          Additionally, we have an online course called Configuring a Simple PI System:

          This course is primarily suited for an Information Technology professional who is responsible for maintaining a PI System. It is designed to help perform administrative tasks as well as introduce the tools available for common management tasks.

          Feel free to watch all videos or whichever feel appropriate for you. If you would like to take the online course as a facilitated session, see more here: Learn PI


          Hopefully this helps you get started!

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