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    Filter a PIPointList by Tag-Name


      Hi there,


      this is a followup of my own Question Find PIPoints by Name and PointType .


      I have a combined PIPoint-Filter for Tag-Names and specific Tag-Types.

      The filter looks like this:

      (tag:BK.* AND pointtype:Int16) OR

      (tag:BK.* AND pointtype:Int32) OR

      (tag:BK.* AND pointtype:Float16) OR

      (tag:BK.* AND pointtype:Float32)OR

      (tag:BK.* AND pointtype:Float64)

      and it works well.


      Now I have to filter the result-list of that query by another Name-Filter and I thought, that a where-operation on the resulting PIPointList like Nicola Gargano suggested in his post from




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          John Messinger

          Hi Peter,

          PIPointList.Where() is a standard LINQ query, not an AFSDK specific method. MSDN library has some basic information on this method. The predicate is a lambda expression, so if you were filtering on another name filter, it might look a little bit like the following example:


          piPointList = piPointList.Where(p => p.Name.Contains(filterString));


          You can structure the predicate depending on specifically how or what you want to filter on.

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