PI Main Server and a second child PI Host

Discussion created by formerpigeek on Feb 19, 2009
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We have a case where PI Main Server is installed into one physical Windows Server and then another physical Windows Server (Child PI Host) is running Sharepoint/Moss Applications. SharePoint/Moss Applications are using data that resides in PI Main Server's database.


What PI software this kind of Child PI Host needs that it gives support for data e.g. to SharePoint PI Applications (communication with Main Server)? Some kind of subset but what excatly?


I would also like to know that if I start to build this kind of Child PI Host that supports SharePoint/Moss applications should I first install SharePoint/Moss and after that PI software? Or how can I configure these two different Servers communicate each other?


Like to also know that could e.g. SharePoint/Moss software version update break PI configuration so that these too Servers can't communicate anymore.


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