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Error reading from event queue page, [-16617] Read error while activating event from page

Question asked by absar.haque on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by gachen

Hi All,


When trying to recover data from corrupt buffer files (from interface node), during creation of new archive files from buffer queues (on PI Server) - I get an error logged "Error reading from event queue page <page_number>, [-16617] Read error while activating event from page"


Question :

1. What does the above error indicates and where is the issue?

2. What is the resolution?


This is the command I am running :

piarchss -evq -if <Buffer_filepath>\<Buffer_filename> -of <new_filepath>\<Buffer_filename>_processed.arc -filter "*-15d" "*"  > log.txt

P.S. -

1. <Buffer_filename> has extension .dat

2. PI Server version = 3.4.380.70