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TimeEq without mapped output to save output history

Question asked by calmandrysdale Champion on Jun 21, 2016
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I have an AF analyses producing some stats on alarms that I do not wish to historise.


For example, I am wanting to just see but  not store the time an alarm has been on over today, yesterday, last week, last month etc.


I have set this up in an AF Analyses to use the TimeEq function. Works beautifully, I can Evaluate it and it all works nicely.


However, when i then got to map the output to a non-pi-point attribute i get the error:

'Functions such as TimeEq are not supported unless all mapped outputs are configured to save output history'.


This is a total pain. I have no desire to store these values just want to see the latest output from the analyses each day.


any suggestions on how I could make this work without pi points.