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Pi Builder add-in, corrupts exc deviation and comp deviation settings

Question asked by WouterR on Jun 21, 2016
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Dear PI-users,

Lately we've upgraded our PI-server from a (I believe) 2012 version to 2015 version. With this we've also upgraded to x64 add-ins for Office 2013.

For an interface (OPC) test, we've transfered a lot of tags from one to another interface instance. We've done this using the PI Builder add-in.

-     First we've loaded the desired tags to Excel and changed the properties of the interface (pointsource, location 1, 4, etc).

-     We've also loaded the settings of exception deviation and compression deviation, but they were not changed!

-     After publishing the new settings from Excel to the PI server, using the PI builder add-in, the settings for exception deviation and compression deviation had changed


I then found that after publishing values with a comma decimal separator like 0,10 would change to 1. Clearly the PI server expects a dot for the decimal separator.

Funny part is, when I load the settings from the PI server to Excel, it returns commas.


As an expiriment created a tag in PI SMT and loaded the settings in Excel. This returned:     



Then I published the same settings back to the PI server without changing anything, and then refreshed the settings, this returned:



So basically, loading the settings in Excel and publishing the same settings, gives the wrong result.


Regional settings have been altered in both Excel and the server, but  haven't found the right setting.


Any ideas?


Kind regards,


Wouter Reinhard

Operational Engineer

Sloecentrale B.V.