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What if a Windows User Is in Multiple Groups Which Are Mapped to Different Identities?

Question asked by MaxStrueverWipro on Jun 17, 2016
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As the title states, how is security/access given to a user if the user is in multiple windows groups, and those groups are mapped to different PI identities?

For trusts, I remember there was a sort of "score sheet" that was calculated to decide which trust to use for a given connection that was being attempted (found the link: KB00964 - Trust Precedence )

is there something like this for how a PI user's identity mapping will be decided?



user john.doe is a member of both windows group Boston_office  and windows group Boston_IT_support

windows group Boston_office is mapped in PI to the identity PIWorld  and has general read access

windows group Boston_IT_support is mapped to the PI user PIadmin



when john.doe connects as a windows user, what mapping will be chosen? how is that determined?