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ODBC Diplay with coresight

Question asked by CVAPI2 on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by khaner

Is it possible to import a display with odbc dataset from processbook to coresight ? We tried but we don't see the odbc trend. The odbc source is a sql server with a stored procedure that return the data.

The file that i have attached work on sharepoint but not in coresight.


Coresight error

PI Coresight Message Log

Tue Jun 21 2016 14:25:43 GMT+0200 (ora legale Europa occidentale)



Timestamp: Tue Jun 21 2016 14:25:40 GMT+0200 (ora legale Europa occidentale)

Severity: Error

Source: ProcessBook

Description: Symbol: Trend1, Error description: Data view with name 'PIANO_DI_PRODUZIONE' not found, Error code: 1000