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    Select/deselect some period of time


      Hi all,


      we want to offer the possibility for the end user to select/deselect some period of time for which the historical data of certain PI tags must not be taken into account (for example due to maintenance operations on the site). The end user must be able to easily add some new period (and optionally to add some informations about this period) or to remove some periods.


      At the beginning, we thought about storing these days in a PI tag (1 for a day selected and 0 for a day not selected) but it seems not so easy for giving an interface for the end user allowing him to visualize the period selected and to make some changes on the period (PI Datalink + macros + UFL?)

      Moreover, in order to achieve this goal, the eventframe notion seems perfect.


      What is the best way for visualizing and creating/ modifying/deleting such eventframes? Is there a way to do it by Excel or must it be done by a custom application (.Net by the use of AF SDK)?


      Thanks in advance for your answers,




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          Dan Fishman

          Currently, there are not many true client tools to modify PI Event Frames (create,update, and delete).  Of course there is PI System Explorer but that is not an end-user tool.  In Excel, Event Frames can be modified using PI System Builder, but again this is more of an administration tool rather than an end user tool.  Your current options would be to use the PI Web API or the AF SDK.

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              Roger Palmen

              While EventFrames can be handy, these would not make it easy to 'filter-out' periods of time using standard PI functions. You can't use EventFrames in Analytics of AF. For that using e.g. a True/False PI Point would be more handy: set to false for the periods of time not to include. Then do your aggregations using analytics and this PI Point.

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              Hello Jan,


              To me the easiest way is to use a second tag to indicate when the value is valid and use a filter expression to filter out those values on in compatible PI Clients.

              I can think of PI Datalink that supports filter expressions or by using AF Analyses functions. AF SDK calls also support filtering based on a second tag value.

              Annotation can be used to store a comment.




              Data TagValidity Tag


              Annotations can be entered in PI Processbook, PI Manual Logger and AF SDK.

              Annotation can be seen by PI Datalink,PI Manual Logger, PI Processbook, PI System Explorer and also with AF SDK.


              There is also probably something interesting that can be achieve with our OLEDB Providers.  I don't want to enter into too much details too soon


              Hope this helps

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