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Modify DeltaV auto generated tags - Advanced Continuous Historian

Question asked by kgross1958 on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by gregor

I have DeltaV's Advanced Continuous Historian.


An auto generation was done of the tags in DeltaV Advanced Continuous Historian and sent to the Plant PI Server.

Everything is working fine and tags are being historized and are getting populated in the Plant PI Server just fine.




The auto generated PI tags that were generated by DeltaV's Advanced Continuous Historian look like this:



But when this tag is used in the Plant PI Server for calculations, the PI Server does not like the "/" in the tag.


Does anyone know of a utility that I can run on the DeltaV Advanced Continuous Historian that will change this "FIC101/PID1/PV.CV to something that the PI Server will like (FIC101.PID1.PV.CV or FIC101_PID1_PV.CV)?