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    Docking Window Documentations, Programming


      Hi I am using the ProcessBook Docking Window AddIn VB Template and I want to create some buttons and forms inside of the docking window. So far all I have been able to do is to create another tab and add a label. Where can I find some documentation on how to use this control or some examples on how to add buttons and forms to the Docking Window? I already have the ProcessBook 3[1].x .NET Add-In Templates (VB.NET).

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          The simplest way to add items to a docking window is by creating a user control in .NET with all the UI elements you need and then just add that control to the docking window. To do this, create a user control project in .NET normally and in the project settings turn on "Register for COM interop" under the Build tab and "Make Assembly COM Visible" under the Application tab (press the Assembly Information button on this tab to access it). For your user control class you will need to add a GUID and ProgID attribute:


          <GuidAttribute("8E8B632F-C774-48c6-BE88-A96152FB690D"), ProgIdAttribute("ProjectName.ClassName")>


          Then after building and registering the control you will be able to add it to the docked window by passing the ProgID to PBObjLib.PBControlView.CreateControl(string). The assembly containing the control will need to be somewhere that ProcessBook can load it from, so either in the same directory as Procbook.exe or signed and put into the Global Assembly Cache will work.

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            Besides the PI ProcessBook VBA Language Reference (available on the vCampus Library), there is not much documentation on the topic. But the vCampus forums are definitely the right source of information


            And in terms of additional resources, the recording of the webinar held last week (Programming .NET Add-Ins for PI ProcessBook) will be made available in the vCampus Auditorium. We normally make webinar recordings available within 24 hours of the live webcast but this time we had problems with the recording we obtained from Microsoft Live Meeting... we're working on this as we speak write, and the recording should be available by the end of the day. Stay tuned!