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    PI OPC Server Setting and configuration




      I'm trying to setup an OPC server on one of the Windows 2012 box. I've admin privileges to do the installation. After the installation is over, when I try to test with PI_OPCClinet, it throws me an Error


      "Unable to connect to 'Localhost::OSI.DA.1'; CoCreateInstanceInstance Ex returns 80080005"


      What could be the issue? Any leads will be appreciated.





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          Hi Santanu,


          This is general error with OPC and you need to use some OPC explorer tool to debug at both side (Source Side & Client side):

          Error "80070005 (Access is denied)" is a generic Microsoft COM error that means one COM object was unable to communicate with another COM object. This could be due to two reasons: The remote object does not exist or the remote object did not respond. There are innumerable reasons for communication errors, thus, it is impossible to pinpoint the cause or severity of the error without additional information (for example, which application is generating the error and what specifically is being accessed). With OPC, often these errors are related to permissions problems.


          Please refer below KB article for more information.


          3114OSI8 - Getting Error: 80070005 (Access is denied) 




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              Dear Lalit,


              Thanks a lot for the info and link:)


              80070005 is indeed a very common error when the user tries to connect to the OPC server in client tool.  The error code provided by Santanu is actually 80080005. 


              It represents a generic failure:


              Error code 80080005

              Server execution failed. This is a generic failure error. The OPC server did not register with DCOM within the required timeout. Usually this means that the user account has limited privileges and restricted access to the OPC server executable. To grant execution permissions to the limited user account, modify the security properties of the folder where the server software resides. To do this, right click on the folder, and select Properties. Select the Security tab in On the Properties dialogue, and click on the Add button



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              Dear Santanu,


              Thank you for posting the question on PI Square.  Looks like you have opened a techsupport case for this matter and resolved the case, and I am the first point of contact for that case too


              The full procedures you went over with us that solved the 80080005 error is:


              1) Configured DCOM according to the livelibrary notes:


              2) PI OPC HDA/DA Server service

                1. Hit Start ->Run… -> services.msc
                2. Locate PI OPC HDA/DA Server service
                3. Double-click on that and switch to “Log On” tab
                4. Select the “This account” radio button and enter the credentials for user account, which belongs to the administrators group
                5. Restart the service and verify it’s running under the specified user (using Task Manager > Processes)


              • Run dcomcnfg
              • Navigate down to Computers -> My Computer -> DCOM Config
              • Find “PI OSI HDA/DA Server”
              • Right-Click on that and select Properties
              • Switch to Identity tab
              • Select “This user” tab and define the user account, which is used to start the service above

              Restarted OPC HDA/DA Server


              Please let us know anytime if you run into this issue again in the future.


              Best Regards,


              Justin Yang

              Customer Support Engineer | OSIsoft, LLC

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