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PI Connector for BACNet creates the renamed points on restart

Question asked by JaisonRodrigues Champion on Jun 23, 2016
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I have installed “PI Connector for BACNet” to fetch data from a BACNet controller.


As expected, the Connector browses through the controller, identifies the devices, creates the device hierarchy in AF and creates the points in PI Data Archive and starts collecting the data.


But the tag names created by the connector were not consistent (rather bit unidentifiable) as required. So I renamed few of the tags, from their default names, and everything was working fine. But due to some reason, I had to restart my connector.


After restart, I observed that the connector created the tags that were renamed. The newly created tags start collecting the data, and the tags that were renamed stopped collecting the data. Even though all the configuration (Exdesc, point source etc.) of the renamed tags were intact, they still don’t collect the data.


This is a bit weird, because normal interfaces identifies PI tags by point ID’s. If connector does the same, it should have found the Point ID’s of the renamed tags and should not create the duplicate tags. This is a worry, as I cannot rename the default tag names at all.


Is this the expected behaviour or am I missing any setting? Has anyone come across this issue?



Jaison Rodrigues