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PI OPC HDA Browsing Error

Question asked by 00112709 on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by jyi

Dear All,


If somebody know my issue, please give me a hand...


We would like to retrieve PI data via OPC HDA server.

PI OPC HDA Tool could connect to PI server via SDK,

however error occurred while browsing  item.

The error code is "80040005".


Test environment is as follows;

1. PC1(WORKGROUP) : PI Server

2. PC2 (Office Domain)  : OPC HDA Server + PI OPC HDA Tool


If the network of PC2 changed from office domain to workgroup,

PI OPC HDA Tool could browse.

However this network is not good in terms of development environment.


Thus, we would like to PC2 which joined office domain and browse item.

What setting is needed more??


Best Regards,