Visual Studio 2010

Discussion created by spilon on Mar 9, 2009
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While reading blog posts around the upcoming Visual Studio 2010 (more of it was announced/showcased during the VSLive! event held at the end of February), I happened to wonder what version of Visual Studio everybody's using... go ahead and vote![POLL]


You can see a few screenshots and highlights on this blog post by Jason Zander (Jason is GM for the Visual Studio team, in the Developer Division at Microsoft).


Beyond a new UI and broader integration, I think one of the most valuable features is the "multi-targeting of .NET Framework" - especially nowadays, in times where everybody (even within a same organization) is using a different version of thet .NET Framework. Indeed, just like VS2008, you can install VS2010 without being bound to developing against the latest .NET Framework (v4, in this case). You can read more about this feature in this other vCampus post.