AN SDK  vs.  AF SDK's Notifications Namespace

Discussion created by spilon on Mar 9, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2009 by pkaiser

Please note this forum is meant for questions and comments pertaining to the PI Notifications SDK (a.k.a AN SDK). While it is easy to confuse this SDK with the Notifications namepspace of the AF SDK, each serves very distinct purposes. Below is an overview but you can find more information (and coding examples) in the recording of our "AF and Notifications Developer Tools" webinar.


AF SDK (OSIsoft.AF and children namespaces)
Provides a hierarchical model of objects and collections that AF databases and objects.


AF SDK's Notifications Namespace (OSIsoft.AF.Notifications)
Provides a set of classes for creating and managing PI Notifications and related objects such as Contacts. Keep in mind the configuration for PI Notifications is stored in AF.
Notifications SDK, AN SDK (OSIsoft.AN)
Provides a set of classes to run/historize notifications and send events to contacts. Unlike the AF SDK's Notifications namespace, which deals with the configuration of PI Notifications, this set of classes has to do with instances of PI Notifications.


Hope this helps - we hope you'll let us know if you need additional clarifications!