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    Online Training: Configuring Analytics with PI AF Online Course - June 2016 - Introduce Yourself


      Welcome to the June/July session of the Configuring Analytics with PI AF online course!


      I invite all students registered for this session (June 27th to July 15th) to introduce themselves just like we would in an in-person class. My name is Kelsey and I'm an Instructional Designer here at OSIsoft. I'll be helping you alongside Brent Bregenzer, your course facilitator for this session.


      This is your space and I encourage you to ask questions about PI AF and to share your thoughts and ideas in order to make this online classroom learning session a positive and fun experience for everyone.  It can be anything from how to get started, or to something advance within a roll up or event frame that you're working on.


      A little about me:

      My background is in Chemical Engineering until I started working for OSIsoft in 2013 as a Customer Support Engineer, splitting my time between Tech Support and Field Service. After I figured out how much I enjoy helping others learn, I transitioned to Field Service full time so I could spend the majority of my time teaching our public training courses. Finally in 2015 I transitioned to our Learning Team where I work on our Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs)! Outside of work I enjoy pub trivia, rock climbing, and am captain of a bowling team called Unbowlievable. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and have two cats, Lynx and Tiger Lily. I'm very excited that you're all here in this class; I hope you enjoy it!


      I'll let Brent fill in a bit of his own details, but to get started he is an excellent Field Service Engineer, PI Square star, and author of the Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF online course, so he really knows his stuff!


      We look forward to hearing from you and working with you throughout this course!



      Kelsey and Brent

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          Hello, everyone!

          Welcome to the Configuring Analytics Online Course!

          First off, thanks to Kelsey for helping me out and for the kind introduction!

          Secondly, in the immortal words of Austin Powers, "Allow myself to introduce myself."

          As Kelsey mentioned, I'm a Senior Field Service Engineer at OSIsoft having been with the company for a bit over four years now.  I also have a background in Chemical Engineering with degrees from Clemson (Go Tigers!) and UT-Austin (Hook 'Em!).  Along the way I also spent some time working in chemical and polymer production plants and for a semiconductor tool manufacturer.  Also similar to Kelsey, I started at OSI as a CSE before moving into FS fulltime where I spend most of my time teaching internal and external classes ,leading AF Workshops, and in general, answering questions related to AF.

          I love working with customers to implement their projects in AF and the addition of asset analytics a few years ago has increased the scope of problems we can address making this work that much more interesting.  I look forward to answering your questions and seeing what you come up with for the class!  Preferably, questions can be posted to the discussion forum for this class, but you can also email me directly if you need to share something proprietary.   Please reply to this thread to introduce yourself and let us know what industry you are in and your ideas for putting asset analytics to work for you.

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            Many thanks Kelsey and Brent for your great support,

            I have tried as your guide and it is working now.