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time based average in R + example

Question asked by wpurrer on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by wpurrer

1.) my question is how do i calculated time based average/min/max in R (per day)
in PI/AF SDK this is very easy (but for some reason we like to reduce the load and do this calculations outside of PI :-) so i know how to get the data from pi ..per hour,...)


2.) what did i do => its maybe a good example how to get data from PI to R


I created a static function in C#

public static Dictionary<string, double> GetRawData(string server, string tag, string start, string end)
            Dictionary<string, double> vals = new Dictionary<string, double>();

            PIServers servers = new PIServers();
            PIServer MyPIServer = servers[server];

            PIPoint MyTag = PIPoint.FindPIPoint(MyPIServer, tag);            
            AFTime startTime = new AFTime(start);
            AFTime endTime = new AFTime(end);
            AFTimeRange timeRange = new AFTimeRange(startTime, endTime);            

            AFValues myvalues = MyTag.RecordedValues(timeRange, OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFBoundaryType.Inside,"",true);
            foreach (AFValue av in myvalues)
                    if (av.IsGood)
                        vals.Add(av.Timestamp.LocalTime.ToString(), Convert.ToDouble(av.Value));
                catch (System.Exception ex)
            return vals;


and then accessed this function through R


  result<-clrCallStatic(xxxx.AFWrapper','GetRawData', server,tag,start,end)

  #pd=data.frame(time=strptime(names(result) ,"%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S"),value=unlist(result))
  pd=data.frame(time=strptime(names(result) ,"%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S"),value=unlist(result))

  return (pd)


so how do i calculate in R a time based average (per day for example ?) does anyone have some idea ?