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    UAC opening PI System Explorer


      Hi All


      I've got a query about PI System explorer from some unusual behavior I have seen


      When opening PI System Explorer on the AF server, I sometimes get this message:




      This doesn't look like the usual Windows UAC message and I've had no problem accessing AF after clicking "Yes".


      Can anyone tell me why this might appear and how it can be turned off?





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          Asle Frantzen



          This is just OSIsoft's friendly reminder that you should start with elevated privileges. If you click NO the program will continue to load (without elevation), if you click YES the program will restart with elevated privileges, and you'll be prompted with the usual Windows UAC message (unless you've turned down the UAC slider)

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              Thanks for the response.


              I understand that; but a client has asked if this extra window can be removed. One option put forward was to run PI System Explorer as administrator (right click shortcut>compatibility>Run as administrator) but haven't been able to test that out on their server yet.

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                  Hello James,


                  PSE suggests to restart under elevated permissions because a) the AF Server is local and b) certain functionality is only available with elevated permissions. When selecting [No] PSE still continuous loading but without access to "all features of the local AF Server". Changing the PSE shortcut's property to run As Administrator helps to avoid the message because it attempts to launch with elevated permissions immediately but the other message from UAC to confirm elevated permissions may still pop up unless you disable it within UAC.

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