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    Finding max value over specific months of any year


      I am trying to find the maximum value from a set of data, but only for the months of June through September, and also for any year.  I tried using a simple expression like TagMax('Power Receieved','1-jun','1-oct'), but that only finds the maximum value within those months for the current year.  So is there a way to reference specific months like this but for any year?

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          Hi, Nishantha


          Maybe you can try using Max Function.

          Since you can specify the year of the date for the time range (ex. TagMax('Power Received','1-jun-2015','1-oct-2015')), you can get each max value for each year and find the maximum value within the max values of each year.


          Here is a simple Example : (If you want the Max value of June through September from 2013 to 2015)

          Max(TagMax('Power Received','1-jun-2015','1-oct-2015'),TagMax('Power Received','1-jun-2014','1-oct-2014'),TagMax('Power Received','1-jun-2013','1-oct-2013'))

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            I was thinking of an AF analysis that determines the month
            and the date range for the month, then outputs to a PI Point DR for that month.


            You could then use the settings on the monthly PI Point to control
            the retrieval method, so By Time : select Time Range, provide a Relative Time
            range, and finally By Time Range needs to be set to Maximum.


            The link below would help in determining the monthly time range. Calcs will run once a day, but you can manage when the result is produced, like on the first day of the month for the previous month, using an if.

            Defining periods in PI AF Analyses

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              Hi Nishantha,

              you can create a analysis in Pi Analitics and backfill it to pi tag:


              and remember about trigger:


              Then you can just forform standard PI function like show me maximum value of TagName during June over last few years:




              This will do the trick.