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MATLAB toolboxes to access/process PI data in MATLAB

Question asked by jngai on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Ahmad Fattahi


I am looking at performing calculations on PI data to generate metrics (N-to-1, or perhaps N-to-few) for data sets, and writing these metrics back into PI.

     - this will involve use of the Signal Processing toolbox, as well as Statistics/Machine Learning toolbox, which I am already aware

Currently I am using PI SDK for accessing data from Batch DB (for limited batch context) as well as continuous data (and so have not needed to use either MATLAB's Database or OPC toolboxes).


However, as we move towards adopting Event Frames and PI Integrator for Business Analytics, I am wondering if I will need or should have MATLAB's database (or other toolbox) to access info from the Integrator, or if there's a separate PI AF SDK or specific SDK for accessing Integrator-collated data.


Any assistance on this would be appreciated,