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    AF Backfill with both PI Point and Analysis DR


      Hi everyone.


      I have an expression analysis with several equations and several outputs. For some outputs I save the result in a PI Point (save output history option) and for others I choose not to save the output history but just as an analysis DR attribute.


      It seems that I can't backfill this analysis because there are outputs without PI Point. Naturally, I don't care about those since they are calculated on demand. All I want is to recalculate the outputs with PI Point.


      Is it possible to do that? I want to avoid having the two analysis just for the sake of output diferences (one for PI Point, the other for DR analysis).

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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hi Mauricio,


          This is not the expected behavior. If you right click on an analysis with no attribute with PI Point DR, then when you mouse over "Backfill", a message shows up: "Backfilling requires one or more mapped outputs to be configured to save output history.".


          Are you sure you have at least one attribute with PI Point data reference as outputs? What is your PI Analysis Service version?

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              Hi Marcos,


              I wasn't clear enough (sorry, bad english!). I can right-click and command the backfill. But it does nothing. Now I see an error message by hovering the mouse over the red "!" mark. The attribute that appears in the message is the first output to analysis DR.


              The data method 'Recordedvalues' is not supported on attribute 'name of attribute' in Element 'name' in etc...


              I have a very similar analysis that has only one output to a PI Point DR. For this analysis the backfilling works fine.


              The PI analysis service is 2015 R2.