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ProcessBook VB Update Tag with Annotation and Display Annotation

Question asked by howardh on Jul 6, 2016
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I am developing condition monitoring managed from a Element Relative ProcessBook display using analysis in AF. The issue for me is I am not very good with VB and can normally 'fudge' my way through but this time I need some help.


The PB has a: date picker (ThisDisplay.DateReset.Value), time picker (ThisDisplay.TimeReset.Value), annotation input textBox (TextAnnotate) and a RichTextBox (TextAnnDisplay) that displays what was just annotated with the user, annotation date/time and annotation. I attached an image at the bottom


The process is: User selects an element which populates the PB, since the pump was changed they select date/time and enter reason for change (annotation) then clicks Update Reset Time button. The code checks to make sure 'something' has been annotated then proceeds writing the date/time to Reset PI tag type string which by analysis is parsed to timestamp then to float for calculations, then writes the timestamp to a PI tag for later retrieval to display the last annotation for the selected element. User can also disable either runtime or cycles dependant on what is needed by setting setpoint and visual to 0. Display will indicate disabled. The last part of the code writes the annotation with the username, date/time annotated and annotation value to the RichTextBox. All values will update dependant on element is selected.




Sub UpdateReset()

Dim srv As server
Dim tagname As String
Dim tag As PIPoint
Dim Timestamp As String
Dim tagValue As Variant
Dim i As Integer
Dim startTime As String
Dim inte As Variant
Dim vrDat As Variant
Dim vrStatus As Variant
Dim element As String

' Make sure 'some' text is entered for annotation
If TextAnnotate.Text = "" Then
    MsgBox " You must update the 'Reset' Annotation field with a valid reason to proceed"
    Exit Sub
End If

Set srv = Servers.DefaultServer

element = ThisDisplay.Value11.GetValue(vrDat, vrStatus)
tagname = "P2.Runtime." & ThisDisplay.Value11.GetValue(vrDat, vrStatus) & "_Reset"
tagValue = ThisDisplay.DateReset.Value & " " & ThisDisplay.TimeReset.Value
startTime = ThisDisplay.DateReset.Value & " " & ThisDisplay.TimeReset.Value

If MsgBox("Are you sure you want to use  " & tagValue & "  for the date and time  " & element & "  was maintained?", _
vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "Runtime Reset Confirm") = vbNo Then Exit Sub

Set tag = srv.PIPoints(tagname)
tag.Data.UpdateValue tagValue, startTime, dmInsertDuplicates

   Dim myAnns As New PISDK.PIAnnotations
   Dim textAnn As PISDK.PIAnnotation
   Dim val As PISDK.PIValue
   Dim time As New PITimeServer.PITime
   Dim nvs As New PISDKCommon.NamedValues
   Set val = New PISDK.PIValue

   Set val.Timestamp = time
   val.Value = tagValue

'   Set textAnn = myAnns.Add("textann", "textann", TextAnnotate.Value, False, "String")
   Set textAnn = myAnns.Add("textann1", "textann", TextAnnotate.Value, False, "string")
   nvs.Add "Annoations", 1
   nvs.Add "Annotations", myAnns
   Set val.ValueAttributes = nvs
   tag.Data.UpdateValue val, 0, PISDK.DataMergeConstants.dmReplaceDuplicates

MsgBox "Reset Time write sucessful. It may take a minute for all values to update", 0, "PI Reset Time Change"
TextAnnotate.Text = ""
'DateReset.Value = ""
'TimeReset.Value = ""

   Dim valValores As PIValues
   Dim oNVsRetrievalAttributes As New NamedValues
   Dim oNVValueAttribute As NamedValue2
   Dim oPIAnnotations As PIAnnotations
   Dim strAnnotationCr As String
   Dim strAnnotationCD As String
   Dim strAnnotationMr As String
   Dim strAnnotationMD As String

'set the retrieval attributes so the RecordedValues query knows to retrieve the annotation information.
   oNVsRetrievalAttributes.Add "Annotations", True
   Set tag.Data.RetrievalAttributes = oNVsRetrievalAttributes

'get the PIValue objects with the time range that have annotations
   Set valValores = tag.Data.RecordedValues(ThisDisplay.DateReset.Value & " " & ThisDisplay.TimeReset.Value, "", btOutside, "IsSet('" & tag.Name & "', ""Annotated"")", fvRemoveFiltered)
   Dim NumItems As Integer
    NumItems = valValores.Count

Set tagValue = valValores(NumItems)
'get the annotations
   Set oPIAnnotations = tagValue.ValueAttributes.Item("annotations").Value
'get the first annotation
   strAnnotationCr = oPIAnnotations.Item(1).Creator
   strAnnotationCD = oPIAnnotations.Item(1).CreationDate
   strAnnotationMr = oPIAnnotations.Item(1).Value

' Converts Unix time
   Dim intDays As Integer, intHours As Integer, intMins As Integer, intSecs As Integer

    intDays = strAnnotationCD \ 86400
    intHours = (strAnnotationCD Mod 86400) \ 3600
    intMins = (strAnnotationCD Mod 3600) \ 60
    intSecs = strAnnotationCD Mod 60
    strAnnotationCDc = DateSerial(1970, 1, intDays + 1) + TimeSerial(intHours, intMins, intSecs)

   'MsgBox "User: " & strAnnotationCr & vbNewLine & "Updated: " & strAnnotationCDc & vbNewLine & "" & vbNewLine & strAnnotationMr
TextAnnDisplay.Text = "User: " & strAnnotationCr & vbNewLine & "Updated: " & strAnnotationCDc & vbNewLine & "" & vbNewLine & strAnnotationMr

End Sub



ProcessBook display with code


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