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    Pi Web API: Why is Search not working while points?nameFilter does?


      Hi there,

      finally Pi webAPI 2016 up and running, crawled.



      gives me results, but the docs say I should use something like this




      This results in an empty response. And I wonder why. Anyone a clue?

      { "Links": { 
           "Next": "https://piwebserver/piwebapi/search/query?q=TK%2A123&count=10&start=10",
           "First": "https://piwebserver/piwebapi/search/query?q=TK%2A123&count=10",
           "Last": "https://piwebserver/piwebapi/search/query?q=TK%2A123&count=10&start=0"
      "Errors": [],
      "Items": [] }