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    Cannot Create Tags/Points


      I was able to create tags last week and started getting this message this week.  I deleted some older tags , but stll can't seem to get passed this.  Obviously looks like a license issue, but I am working with a dev copy from the vCampus and as I stated, I only have one Tag in mys system now


      3/17/2009 9:59:33 AM PI-PB> Error -2147220428 attempting to write point TP_65FIC043.MV on server CS-ELGUAPO: Failed to create point on server.  [-12216] Maximum licensed aggregate Point/Module Count exceeded.(FatalError) (SDKWritePoint)


      any thoughts or similar issues?



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          Restarted the Server and everything went in fine - still would like to kopw what happened if anyone has any insights



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            Hi Matthew Falkowski:


            We are really trying to focus on "for developers, by developers" and provide a great portal for "PI Programming & Integration" related questions and resources. Our regular technical support (techsupport@osisoft.com - 1-510-297-5828) should be the preferred channel for "PI Admin" and "End Users" type questions. When in doubt, please don't hesitate and post it here: we'll help you the best we can and redirect posts to TechSupport when appropriate - we understand there sometimes is a fine line between the 2 categories of question...


            On another hand, we also understand there is a desire for our customer and partner ecosystem, to have discussion forums for plain PI Administration and End-User type discussions. Please rest assure we communicate that to the TechSupport Management and we'll see :)


            That said, this is an end user question that would be better answer by our experts at the former address and telephone.



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              @Matthew Falkowski: Note that that PI Server provided in the "vCampus PI Products Kit" (on the vCampus Download Center) is limited to 10,000 "data streams". Data streams include PI Points, PI Module (from the PI Module Database) and COM Connector Points.


              As a side note, the "vCampus PI Server" also for creating up to 5-node PI Collectives - in case you want to develop High Availability (HA)- aware applications.